San Lorenzo, California:

High School Students Walk Out to Demand Justice Now

December 13, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


From Stop Mass Incarceration Bay Area:

30-40 students walked out of school at noon at KIPP King Collegiate High School, marching to the intersection of Hesperian and Llewellyn in San Lorenzo, California, chanting, “Hands up, I can’t breathe” and “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” They were supported by honking motorists along the way. A Latino man stopped his car and said, “What these kids are doing is right. They’re not into drugs or gangs, and they’re not playing hooky like I did when I was a kid. Even as an adult today, I get pulled over for absolutely nothing. These kids are the future and they’re not going to put up with what I put up with.”

The youth did this action on their own without a teacher escort and were told they would get a 30-minute detention. One of the young women said, “We’ve been planning this, and knew there would be consequences. This is really a small price to pay... but we’re going to protest the detention anyway. The whole school should have been out here.”

They marched back to school with a lot of pride in their stride to receive what they do not consider a “punishment.”

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