Houston: OUTRAGE! Another Murdering Pig Walks Free!

December 24, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


December 23, 2014

Last January a Houston Police Department pig murdered Jordan Baker in Acres Homes. Now, just two days before Christmas, a Harris County Grand Jury ruled that no crime would be charged against the murdering cop. This is bullshit, and it must not stand!

How many times are these cops going to get away with murdering people, especially with murdering young Black and Latino men?

Jordan Baker was unarmed. He was riding his bike through the neighborhood where he lived. And this murdering cop demanded to see Jordan's ID. The cops claim Jordan charged the killer cop, and that Jordan “matched the description” of people who supposedly had robbed local stores – because he was wearing a black hoodie.

How many times are these pigs going to run this kind of bullshit? Once again, an unarmed Black man is gunned down by a cop. Once again, the “prosecutor” presents a case aimed at letting the killer cop walk. Once again, a grand jury lets the cop go. According to the police's own records, 121 people were shot by HPD from 2008 to 2012. Not a single cop was charged with anything for these crimes.

Like Janet Baker, Jordan Baker's mother, said about the cop’s story: “I don’t believe that’s what occurred. I think that’s him trying to justify the outcome of what happened.”

A recent statement by Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party put things straight up: “Today in America, police murder people and get away with no punishment. This happens again and again and again. But something new has also begun to happen, and people have risen up against this, in the tens of thousands, across the country. The outpourings of resistance to this wanton police murder have been beautiful, powerful, and very necessary. Our movement of resistance must broaden, becoming even more diverse, and its determination to stop murder by police must be strengthened and deepened. It must continue and escalate until these horrors are really ended.

“When police murder people as they did with Eric Garner and Michael Brown, it is unlawful, illegitimate and should not be tolerated in any society that anyone would want to live in.”

The murder by police of Jordan Baker must not be tolerated. ALL MURDER BY POLICE MUST STOP, and there must be Justice for Jordan Baker! Now is the time to carry the struggle against police brutality and murder by police higher, and bring more people into this fight. Now is the time to get serious about stopping this shit, and to get organized into organizations determined to make that happen.

Get with the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, join in and help organize their activities to end murder and brutality by police, help get its message out through all of society. Check out revcom.us, and get with the people building a movement for actual revolution to get rid of the system that feasts upon unending suffering for humanity such as murder by police – a movement to emancipate all of humanity.

PROTEST – Friday, December 26th @ 1pm
Rally at HPD Headquarters, 1200 Travis, Houston, TX

PROTEST – Monday, December 29th @ 3:30pm
Harris County DA's Office, 1201 Franklin, Houston, TX
Meet at 1:30pm SHAPE Community Center/Harambee Bldg.,
3903 Almeda, to march to the protest.

#JordansLifeStillMatters      #FergusonTX

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