Noel Night Protest in Detroit

December 22, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

Noel Night is an annual event in Detroit. Tens of thousands of people flood the Midtown to take advantage of this "family friendly" event that features free museums, music, dance, and poetry throughout the area. But this year, much to the joy of many and the chagrin of a few, the festive atmosphere was punctured by chants of "Black Lives Matter" as a defiant demonstration took to the streets. 

It began with 50 spirited people, but as it continued in the streets for two hours, at times it grew to over 400 people, as those who’d come for the festival but found something more, joined in. Those who didn’t or couldn’t join the march cheered and chanted with us as the demonstration marched through the streets of the festival area. People chanted "They shoot us down. We shut them down" as we snarled traffic and wove in and out of cars that were at a standstill. And through all of this the demonstration was led by a banner that said “Ferguson is Everywhere, Police Brutality and Murder Must Stop.”

A rally and speak-out was held in front of the Detroit Institute of Arts, the epicenter of Noel Night, as a very multi-national crowd of Black, white, and Arab people of all ages stood together against the wanton destruction of Black lives by the police. The protest ended with a five-minute die-in of about 200 people.

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