Boston, 5 PM: 100+ Stage Die-in in Copley Square

Jasnuary 1, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Boston, Copley Square, December 31


Over 100 people marched to and staged a die-in in Boston’s Copley Square, while the names of people killed by police were read aloud. In response to statements by Boston’s mayor and police commissioner that protests on New Year’s Eve were inappropriate, an organizer said: “It’s important to realize that these protests will continue. Nothing’s changed. Nobody’s been indicted. It’s not gonna go back to business as usual. This is gonna continue to be in people’s faces until there’s a change. This is only gonna grow.” (More photos at Boston Globe website).

We received this note from a correspondent in Boston:

Organized by First Night against police violence around a hundred people held a die-in and speak-out in the midst of the city's new year celebration in Copley Square. "Indict,convict, send those killer cops to jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell!" was a popular chant, and at a certain point the protesters took it into the First Night parade headed downtown to the Boston Common. The protest included youth of all nationalities and a number of long-time activists, and many are truly struggling to figure out how to stop this epidemic of murder and brutality by the police and the system. Supporters of Revolution Books joined the protest and got out the call by Carl Dix and Revolution newspaper.

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