12/31/14 4:30 PM: New Year's Eve Protest Attacked at St. Louis Metro Police Department

December 31, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Above: Outside the St Louis Police Headquarters 12/31/14. Below: Marching to the St. Louis Police Headquarters 12/31/14. Photos: revcom.us

Over 100 determined protesters hit the cold St. Louis streets on New Year’s Eve morning, taking over downtown streets for an hour before ending at the main St. Louis Police HQ. People chanted the names of victims murdered by the police – Vonderrit Myers, Kajieme Powell, Mike Brown among others. Some protesters attempted to occupy the police headquarters. A list of demands including firing cops who killed people and dropping charges against non-violent protesters was read out loud and taped to police headquarters, and protesters served an “eviction notice.” Police brutally expelled the occupiers, macing and beating numerous people including a photographer and a livestreamer. Protesters defiantly stood together to defend each other from the pigs’ brutality, and stayed in their faces out front after being forced out.

One organizer, speaking to the crowd, explained that New Year’s Day marks over 145 days since Mike Brown was murdered, and that we have NO intention of backing off the fight for justice. One of the organizers said the following about what this action meant to him: “United we stand. So that means you can’t kill us all.”

There have been several arrests. At this moment many protesters remain in the street in front of the Police HQ.

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