Press Conference in NYC for New Year’s Eve Protest

December 30, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |


A press conference today called by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and others announced plans for New Year’s Eve protests in response to the call:

Rock in the New Year With Resistance to Police Murder!


Participants in the press conference were Carl Dix from the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Mojique from Students Against Police Brutality, Brittany Williams from Dancing for Justice, and Noche Diaz from the New York City Revolution Club.

In New York City, people are being called to Times Square and Union Square tomorrow to join Stop Mass Incarceration Network’s plans for Rocking in the New Year with Resistance to Police Murder under the theme of “NO NEW YEAR UNDER THIS OLD SYSTEM. WE CAN’T BREATHE!” Bringing placards and banners with this message, and whistles to announce their presence.

Carl Dix said, “Tomorrow night it’s New Year’s Eve in New York City and—you know the deal—they drop the ball, bringing in the New Year, just like the old year. But no New Year under the old system with wanton police murder of Black and Latino people. We are going to rock in the New Year with this message. We are going into Times Square... Union Square, too, with this message.”

The day is going to have opportunity for a lot of participation. During the daytime hours people can join the hundreds of thousands of people who will gather at Times Square from all over the world for the largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the country. Bringing their signs and whistles, like the tens of thousands who have marched in cities and towns across the country in recent weeks and months, they will give voice to sentiments of many beyond their numbers. Carl Dix emphasized that everyone is invited. All the people whose hearts have been moved by yet another death of Black and Latino youth—if that hurts your heart, be there.

Carl Dix said, “I’ve got something to say to those who say politics should be left to the side at New Year’s time because it’s a special time. Well, there’s no time that’s not a time to say no to police murder, in fact, when that ball is dropping is exactly the right time, while all eyes are fixed on this. If you care about the environment, the oppression of women, U.S. torturing people—welcome to this protest. No New Year Under This Old System! We Can’t Breathe!”

The press conference got significant attention from mainstream media including reporters from TV stations NY1, WNBC, channel 47, 10, 4; and Fox News. At the end of an article in today’s NY Post on the conflict between NYC Mayor de Blasio and forces behind or working through the NYC police unions over how to suppress protests and enforce oppressive “law and order,” the (notoriously pro-police brutality) NY Post concluded with this report from the press conference:

“We will not abide by calls to ease up or stop the protests,” said Carl Dix, national spokesman for the Revolutionary Communist Party.

“Someone who presides over a setup where those who are entrusted with public security have killed and brutalized unarmed, innocent people—and then the justice system has done nothing to those law enforcement officers—has no right to tell us when, where and how we can protest against them.”

Plans for New York City announced at press conference:

New Year's Eve Dec 31
9 pm - Rally at Union Square
10 pm - March to Times Square
FB: stopmassincerationnetwork Twitter:@StopMassIncNet Phone: 347-979-SMIN (7646)

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