Los Angeles: Marching to Demand Justice for Mayra Cornejo

January 7, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


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Demanding justice for Mayra Cornejo, Compton, Los Angeles, December 5. Photos: revcom.us/Revolution

January 5—Family and friends of Mayra Cornejo gathered at the site where police gunned her down on December 31. As reported at revcom.us, family members say that Mayra was trying to protect her children from harm at the hands of her abusive husband when LA County sheriffs shot her seven times—shooting even after she fell to the ground. (See “The Senseless, Illegitimate Police Killing of Mayra Cornejo“) After marching through a nearby shopping center and train station shouting “Justice for Mayra,” the protesters marched to the front of the Compton Sheriff’s station, angrily denouncing the murdering police and demanding answers. They were supported and joined by Black people in Compton who testified to their own experiences with the police and consciously spoke to uniting Black and Latino people in the fight against police murder.

The fact that Mayra Cornejo was killed by police while trying to protect her children from sexual abuse by their father is tearing at the hearts of everyone who knew her or is just hearing about what happened. And the horror of the police ripping her life away at the age of 34 comes on top of another: In 2007, Mayra’s brother Mauricio was beaten to death by police in Ramona Gardens. Their mother has now lost two children at the hands of police. Police murder must stop!!

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