2014: Stop Attacks on Immigrants

January 5, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us



Despite promises from Obama, deportation of immigrants has gone ahead full steam. So has resistance, like this April 5, 2014 protest in Los Angeles. "Two million Too many" refers to the two million people deported by the Obama administration. "Not 1+ Deportation" is the demand that this must end now. Photo: AP



The Obama administration carried out its two millionth deportation in April 2014—that’s 1,100 deportations every day for the six years Obama has been in office. Behind the numbers lie the devastated lives of millions of immigrants, with parents torn from their children in record numbers, reminiscent of what was done to slaves during slavery. People driven to this country by the devastation of their homelands carried out by the U.S.-dominated global economy, whose back-breaking work under dangerous and unhealthy conditions has helped lay the foundation for the richest country in the world, are demonized as parasites, forced to live in the shadows, hunted and hounded with targets on their backs. Millions of people face the constant fear of being ripped off and shipped across a border for a traffic ticket or an open can of beer.

Tens of thousands of young people—teenagers and children—have been fleeing U.S.-imposed devastation and wrenching poverty in their Central American homelands. They set out on desperate, terrifying thousand-mile journeys to South Texas, most of them trying to get farther north. Many have been captured by Mexican authorities; others have been killed by police or smuggler gangs while trying to make it to the United States. But for many, their perilous treks end when they are captured by the Border Patrol and other U.S. authorities. As of October, 78,000 children and adolescents had been held captive—more than 10 times the number for 2013.

These are our people! This must stop!

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