Boston: Shutting Down I-93

January 19, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Boston, shutting down I-93 AP photo

January 15, 2015. A press release sent out beforehand announced the intention of the action: to “disrupt business as usual,” to protest police and state violence against Black people, and to “place our bodies in the street for four and a half hours, the same amount of time Mike Brown lay dying in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.” Traffic was severely delayed on Interstate 93 northbound in Milton and southbound in Medford during Thursday’s morning commute. Some protesters attached themselves to 1,200-pound barrels filled with concrete and blocked the highway. Other protesters had signs saying “end white supremacy.” Twenty-nine people were arrested. There have been ongoing protests in Boston since the grand jury decisions not to prosecute the cops who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York. A week before this action to shutdown I-93, on Saturday, January 10, supporters of the “Black Lives Matter” movement stopped a commuter train in Dedham, Massachusetts, that was bound for the Ravens-Patriots football game. Protesters occupied the track for 4.5 minutes, marking the 4.5 hours that Michael Brown lay dead in the street after being shot by Ferguson cop Darren Wilson.

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