Weekend of Action in San Francisco Bay Area

January 19, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


San Francisco Bay Area, January 16

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January 16, 2015. San Francisco Bay Area activists came together to stage 96 hours of action—the Anti Police-Terrorism Project (the group ONYX and others) organized a weekend of action “to honor MLK’s radical stance against poverty and all forms of violence.” On Friday, January 16, there were three actions on both sides of the SF Bay. In San Francisco, early Friday morning over 100 protesters gathered at a downtown SF Bay Area Rapid Transit station platform, shutting down two trains in both directions. This protest was in solidarity with the 14 protesters (from the Blackout Collective) who chained themselves to BART trains on Black Friday in November. Disruptions in the morning commute were planned in the spirit of “No Business As Usual as long as Black people are being murdered by police.” Police closed the station and protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter” moved to two other stations in the downtown San Francisco financial district, temporarily shutting them down as well. Outside the station a group of people staged a dance to the Michael Jackson song “They Don’t Care About Us.” At the same time, at the California Supreme Court, hundreds of lawyers and supporters held a 15-minute die-in, eyes closed and silent, on the steps of the courthouse. Their signs read “Lawyers for Black Lives.” Across the Bay in Oakland, protesters locked themselves to the two entrances of the Federal Building. A banner read “Black Power Matters” and protesters held signs like “Third World for Black Power,” “Filipinos for Black resistance,” and “Palestine for Black Resistance.”

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