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This fall, people saw the possibility of a radically different world begin to come to life. Thousands of people took to the streets, putting themselves on the line, to demand that police murder stop. During this same period, more than 1,900 people heard a Dialogue between revolutionary communist leader Bob Avakian and the revolutionary Christian and truth-teller Cornel West on REVOLUTION & RELIGION: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion—a Dialogue at which BA powerfully put forward the need and possibility of revolution.

The emergence of an actual opening for revolution from the "mix" that began to develop should NOT be ruled out. Great potential was opened up by all this, and greater things could happen. At the same time, even as people continue to heroically battle, the powers are trying to suppress and close this out, through very sharp repression and through confusing right and wrong in people's minds. The movement for revolution, as well as the struggle against the "slow genocide" being enforced by the police, face a crossroads. What people do in February could be pivotal in preparing to rise to and meet the current challenges and working to hasten such an opening.

If you took part in the struggle against police murdering our people in the fall, or if you wanted to take part, or if you burn at the injustice and horror that keeps happening and happening and happening again... then come to a mass conference in Atlanta on February 7. Be part of organizing something that builds on last autumn’s defiance, actions that are even more massive, more powerful, and more effective. If you are part of an organization, bring your organization; if you are not, bring yourself and your friends; if you have to come alone, then do that. But come. The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is organizing for a massive outpouring on April 14 to really stop business as usual on that day. And for that to happen on the scale it needs to, the scale that can really change everything, you and people like you need to be part of that organizing. So definitely, definitely come to Atlanta! (For more on this, contact the Stop Mass Incarceration Network: Email:; Facebook: stopmassincarcerationnetwork; Twitter: @StopMassIncNet; Phone: 347-979-SMIN (7646); And as you build for this, be part of getting out and getting into the RCP’s statement on the situation: “The Cold but Liberating Truth About the Police, the Struggle for Justice, and Revolution.”

If you were at the Dialogue... if you watched it online, or were inspired by the trailer for the new film of the event coming this March... or if you just heard about it and want to know more... then get with the BA Everywhere campaign. BA Everywhere is making the vision and plan that Bob Avakian (BA) has developed for bringing about a radically better world through revolution known by raising funds and spreading his work. The campaign has a way for you to learn more and a place for you (go to the BA Everywhere page at

Step one: Be part of getting deeper into this Dialogue by watching the video of the simulcast and spreading it throughout society, and building for a major breakout of the new film of this Dialogue in March. This Dialogue not only gets into the deepest questions... it not only highlights a rare public appearance by BA, full of revolutionary fire and vision, going back and forth with Cornel West... it also gives you a living feel for the possibility of revolution and a whole different way that society could be, including through the interaction between the speakers and what they took up and how they took it up. Learn more about Bob Avakian and the emancipating vision he’s developed: the new synthesis of communism. Learn more about the strategy for revolution, right here in the U.S. as part of a global revolution, and how people could think, feel, and be in a whole different, liberated way. Come to dinners in major cities on February 15; and if you’re not in a major city, contact the BA Everywhere Committee to learn how to get into this. And get with the committees that are now starting to organize these dinners.

Both these efforts work together and complement each other. And both of them in turn work together with the struggles that people are waging against the patriarchal degradation, dehumanization, and subjugation of all women everywhere (as seen in the demonstrations around abortion rights in January), and all oppression based on gender or sexual orientation... against the capitalist-imperialist destruction of our planet... against the demonization, dehumanization, and deportation of immigrants... and against wars of empire, armies of occupation, and crimes against humanity. Something very fresh and important is building, and there is a synergy and contagion between these struggles that, if built and fostered, will strengthen them all.

The BA Everywhere campaign provides a framework and a context for all of them. People rising up to fight the power is crucially important; what the work and leadership of BA brings is an understanding of why these injustices and outrages and horrors are absolutely unnecessary and how it could be possible to do away with them. And if this vision is not brought forward, then people will inevitably settle for less and accept just a few small changes, if that, that leave this meatgrinder of a society intact.

If you are a revolutionary, or radical-minded, or active in the fight for justice, or used-to-be-active-and-looking-to-go-there-again... then know this: there are thousands right now who were awakened in the fall and who want to be inspired and contribute to making real change. But they must be reached, and they must be organized. If you are a revolutionary communist—a “revcom”—give people the whole picture of revolution as you bring them into this movement. Let them know about the importance of the Party, led by Bob Avakian, that has taken responsibility for leading this revolution. Let them know about this website,, and the importance of coming here to stay connected and oriented and able to understand and act, as world events twist and turn.

Be part of doing that. Be part of radically changing everything. Make February a pivotal month to involve thousands in the movement, going back on the offensive and preparing for big leaps forward in the spring. And right now, build these two efforts in a massive way.

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