All-Out for Atlanta—February 7 & 8
Police Murder Must Stop & We Need to Get Back on the Offensive in Acting to Stop It!

by Carl Dix | February 2, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


It’s time for some straight talk about what’s going down now. The system has doubled down on unleashing its cops to wantonly murder Black people and refusing to punish them when they do. Anyone who has any doubts about this only needs to look at the reports planted in newspapers that the U.S. Department of Justice will not bring any charges against Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown.

Think about this. Cops gun down Black people who have their hands up. They choke Black men to death because they suspect they may have sold untaxed cigarettes. They murder Tamir Rice, John Crawford, and Andy Lopez because they have toy guns. They murder Dontre Hamilton, Mayra Cornejo, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, and many other people of color for any damned reason they come up with, and the system will do nothing to punish these killer cops.

This happens again and again because this is the role cops play in society. Not the “protect and serve” BS they put on the side of their cars, but the real role they play: enforcing a whole system of oppression and exploitation. As long as we’re living under this system, the police are going to keep doing this, and the system will keep backing them up in doing it.

What’s the system’s answer to the problem of police murder? Body cameras on cops? So they can ignore the video evidence of police murder like they did in the Eric Garner case? The Justice Department dealing with brutal, murdering cops? The Justice Department has done hundreds of investigations of cops who brutalize and murder and almost never indicts them. The system’s only answer to this horror is more of the same and worse. The murder of our youth is the spearhead of a whole genocidal program that is essential to this system, and to keep this program in effect, the people who run this system resort to mass arrests and demonization of our resistance.

But things don’t have to be this way. Thru revolution we could bring into being a whole different way for people to live. We could create a society where those entrusted with ensuring public security would sooner lose their own lives than kill or injure an innocent person. We in the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) are working on making the revolution needed to bring this society into being. We have the leadership needed for doing this in Bob Avakian, the leader of the RCP, and people need to engage that leader and get with this Party and the movement for revolution it is building.

Beginning in Ferguson in August, and spreading all over the country, people stood up and said NO MORE in ways we haven’t seen in decades. These powerful and beautiful actions forced a change in the thinking of millions and set new dividing lines in society. This growing movement of many thousands opened up new ideas about who has right on their side—the murdering police or the people who are victims of these murderous conditions and refuse to accept them AND those who stand with them because they refuse to live in a world where these horrors happen and nothing is done about it.

This struggle grew even more powerful in late November and December. Combined with other struggles and developments, it could possibly lead to a situation where a real chance to go for revolution could open up. The Party I am part of, the Revolutionary Communist Party, is dedicated to and working to hasten that possibility, to win at the soonest possible time.

People have begun to stand up and say NO MORE to the horror of police murder. They have started to challenge the legitimacy of the system, and we can’t allow the system to succeed in pushing things back to society’s normal routine, a routine that includes police wantonly murdering people.

To break out of this normal routine, we need to take this movement that has begun to a higher level. Everyone who wants to see the system STOP giving a green light to killer cops, who wants to stand up against what the system is doing to the people, needs to join me in Atlanta on February 7 & 8 for the meeting the Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN) is hosting.

If you see the need for revolution, or if you're not sure but you’re one of those of us who refuse to accept the horror of police murder—we all need to be part of coming back stronger with even more determined resistance, drawing in broader sections of people who refuse to stand by while these horrors are being inflicted on people. We need to draw forward an even more powerful force to say that these horrors must STOP!

If you want to see this happen, you need to be in Atlanta on February 7 & 8 to help plan a day of powerful resistance on April 14. You need to be in the house, helping to flesh out the vision for what this day must be, and can be. You need to be there helping to forge the plans to involve students in doing walkouts nationwide; to manifest resistance in communities all across the country; to involve the religious communities in challenging its congregants to join this resistance and more.

Families shouldn’t have to bury children whose lives have been stolen by those who are sworn to protect and serve. No parent should have to tell their children what they must do, and not do, in order to have a chance to survive an encounter with a cop. Whether people live, and how they live, shouldn’t be determined by the color of their skin. If you want to see these horrors and the whole genocidal program of mass incarceration and all its consequences that they concentrate STOPPED, then you need to join me in Atlanta and be part of forging plans to retake the offensive and build off the powerful resistance that’s been mounted so far to build a movement, numbering ultimately in the millions, that can STOP these horrors!

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