Hearings for New Attorney General:

No Justice from the Department of IN-Justice

February 2, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Under Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder...

  • The Department of “Justice” has failed to bring criminal charges of any kind against the pigs that murdered Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Garner in New York City, or any of the other victim of police murder around the country.
  • In the midst of a tremendous outbreak of just outrage against police brutality and murder, the rulers sent Eric Holder to Ferguson last summer to meet with activists—an indication of how shaken they were by these protests. But before, during and after that visit, federally funded, hyper-militarized police imposed fascist brutality and repression in Ferguson to violently attack protesters.
  • Under Eric Holder, the Department of “Justice” prosecuted more whistle-blowers—people in government who have exposed government crimes—than all other previous administrations combined. He went after heroes like Edward Snowden, who exposed massive illegal National Security Agency (NSA) spying, and Chelsea Manning, who exposed U.S. war crimes and mass murder in Iraq.
  • The U.S. torture chamber at Guantánamo remains open. People never charged with any crime continue to be tortured, despite worldwide outrage.
  • Holder aggressively defended Obama’s openly assassinating people—including U.S. citizens—without any due process or trial.
  • Despite widely hyped micro-adjustments to sentencing rules, the genocidal program of mass incarceration of more than two million people, disproportionately Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans, rolls on.

And now that Holder is resigning, Senate hearings over his successor have been an orgy of attacks on him from Republicans for, in their eyes, being too soft in implementing fascist repression. And Obama’s nominee to replace Holder, Loretta Lynch, is sucking up to them—distancing herself from whatever symbolic nods Holder gave to civil rights and civil liberties (repeatedly insisting “I’m not Eric Holder”). She told the Senate that the death penalty—a human rights outrage in its own right and overwhelmingly used unjustly against African-Americans—is “an effective penalty.” She called illegal NSA spying “certainly constitutional, and effective.” Democrats in the Senate called this shameless catering to the RepubliKKKans “a flawless performance” and “among the most accomplished and impressive that I’ve seen as a member of this committee.”

Let’s face it: There never have been, and never are going to be any answers from the Department of IN-Justice to genocide, police murder, and repression.


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