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Abortion, Birth Control and “Irresponsible Sex”

February 23, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Hello dear Sunsara!

I want to ask you about something! Regarding the movement in support of abortion, do you think it isn’t better that women have contraception?! So why should people have uncontrolled sex as many times as they wish, what I call irresponsible sex, and go for the easy way and abort a fetus. Abortion is not even good for the mother’s own health!

So isn’t it better to prevent an undesirable pregnancy then just go straight to abortion?!

Birth Control Advocate


Dear Birth Control Advocate,

Of course I strongly support birth control! It needs to be much more widely available, much less expensive, much more broadly promoted and accepted in the culture, and there needs to be education so that people know how to use it.

But that in no way diminishes the need for abortion on demand and without apology. If a woman finds herself pregnant for whatever reason and she does not want a child, abortion is a responsible, moral, and healthy choice! Fetuses are not babies and abortion is ten times safer than child-birth, so there is absolutely nothing negative about abortion.

As for “irresponsible sex,” I can’t embrace that phrase the way you are using it. There is oppressive, violent, degrading, and non-consensual sex and then there is sex in which the full humanity, equality, and desires of both parties are fully intact and respected. Sure, people should use protection whenever possible, but using protection doesn’t always make sex “responsible” or positive. And while everyone should have access to enlightened and scientific sex education and be encouraged to practice safe sex, not using protection doesn’t always make it “irresponsible” or negative and nobody should be stigmatized or punished for that—including by denying them access to abortion.

Finally, the idea that somehow we could have more access to birth control without fighting uncompromisingly for Abortion On Demand and Without Apology is a myth. The very movement opposing abortion also opposes birth control! They also oppose scientific, comprehensive sex education! This is because this fight has never really been about “protecting the ‘unborn’” or even “preventing abortion.” It has always been about controlling women and forcing women back into the position of being breeders of children and property of men. We must stand up against all of that, which means fighting in an uncompromising way for abortion, birth control, sex education and for the complete liberation of women!

Sunsara Taylor

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