Baking Project Challenge: Raise Funds for the Film of the Cornel West & Bob Avakian Dialogue!

February 23, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


From readers:

Some of us began a “Baking for BA Everywhere” fundraising project in our city. This is a call to others to join us everywhere, and for those who can’t bake, go out to take orders, or organize the deliveries, or if you can’t do that, then pledge matching funds so that we can all be involved in many different ways.

On the Saturday before Christmas, four of us gathered to bake sweet potato pies. We were a mixed group of veteran revolutionaries, a teacher who was just getting to know BA, a home health aide, older and younger. While the sweet potatoes boiled on the stove we watched and talked about the Dialogue. All of us had seen the Dialogue before and most of us had been there live and in person. We talked and laughed, got to know each other, dug more deeply into the Dialogue and why everyone needs to meet BA and the movement for revolution. We made many, many pies and raised $130 through our beginning holiday bake sale. We were all looking forward to doing this again, only bigger and better.

A couple of our participants had this to say: “I felt that the baking we did gave me a chance to do something meaningful and with a purpose. The women were so open and I learned a lot from them and about myself. The questions raised in the Dialogue were really interesting, and the answers were even more interesting, inspiring, and encouraging. It made me feel so good. It inspired me to want to do something to spread the word about BA and the Revolution” and “I would have this to add: The recipe for revolution includes baking pies!”

We baked a special pumpkin spice sheet cake with cream cheese frosting for the February 15 fundraising dinner for the REVOLUTION AND RELIGION film. We took our “show on the road” and went from table to table at the dinner. It was great—we met seven new volunteer bakers, and took seven orders from other people for baked goods. Now of course we have to figure out how to organize ourselves and harness all this wonderful new energy, and make sure we continue getting orders so we can really raise big money to make the launch of the film “REVOLUTION & RELIGION: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion” a terrific success!

We invite you to join with us: bake with us; offer your home, church, or restaurant kitchen for baking; offer your favorite recipes; order your cakes, or pledge to match all the money raised through these bake sales if you can. Let’s get a challenge going in several areas, let’s set some goals so we can be a part of raising the money needed so the Dialogue can be seen by millions, on line as it is now, and so the launch of the high quality film of this historic Dialogue can reach even more broadly!

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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