Ending the Epidemic of Rape Requires Revolution, Nothing Less!

March 2, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Any rape of anyone is a horrific crime, and the massive rape of women throughout the world and over many centuries is one of the biggest ongoing crimes of this whole way of life. Everyone with an ounce of justice and morality must join the fight to make this STOP.

However, it must be confronted: You cannot rely on the structures and procedures of a patriarchal system that created this world of rape to change that world—even if you modify those structures and procedures. That is a dead end.

We need, instead, a different culture right now that values women as full human beings—not bitches, hos, punching bags, breeders, or sex objects...

We need to fight against all the many outrages against women—especially those that most concentrate women’s subjugation and dehumanization and which strengthen and fuel the whole epidemic of rape, like the increasingly violent, degrading, cruel, and humiliating pornography that is more and more saturating every aspect of society...

And most of all, we need to get organized for and fight for an actual revolution. Only through an actual revolution can we sweep away all the structures and relations that require and reinforce the domination of men over women, the culture and violence against women this gives rise to, and the whole way of thinking and being that sets the terms for the way billions relate to each other. Only through an actual revolution—and a new revolutionary state power—can we give full backing to the fight to really put an end to all forms of violence, rape, degradation, humiliation, and oppression against women as a key and integral part of bringing into being a world free of exploitation and oppression of any kind.

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