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March 2, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


“The resistance can’t allow anything to stop its forward progression...”

February 2, 2015


To: PRLF Volunteers

Dear Comrades,

Greetings to all, and I am so grateful to all of you for continuing to keep the struggle and resistance alive. Most of all for keeping us prisoners informed of what is truly transpiring in the streets.

For a second I thought the protests stopped, however I see they are still going strong. Just that the amerikkkan controlled news does not wish to acknowledge them. We cannot give them any breaks, as you are well aware the pigs used the shootings of the two pigs in New York to gain sympathy and to silence the resistance.

The black and Latino pigs are only modern day house niggers. They crack the whips harder then the white pigs to show their white brethren they are nothing like us. Even in the prison settings the black and Latino pigs are worse, because they want the white masters to see they do their jobs exceptionally well by punishing the black and Latino prisoners worse than anything.

The resistance can’t allow anything to stop its forward progression... What about all the black and Latino youth that have been slaughtered by the pigs for no reason.

The United Snakes promotes peaceful protests in other countries and condemns world leaders if they hurt those protesting. Imagine if 1 million people camped out at our nation’s capital, and stayed for a week peacefully. Do you think it would be allowed, hell no! They will gas and beat and arrest all protestors! ....

“...this is something that pertains to everybody on a world wide scale that determines humanity’s path of life or Death.”


 “The power of the Tongue”

Dear Revolutionaries,

I appreciate the 3-part interview with an Ex-prisoner that y’all have sent me. There were a lot of topics that was spoken on that I agree with strongly. There should be more interviews like that being put out in society and in prison more so people can become conscious of what’s going on around them and why it’s happening the way it’s happening. But the crazy thing is that people are too lazy to get up and make a change or either scared or don’t care bout what’s going on for real. And this is crippling our society to strive to its fullest aspirations to make a change. Our people’s minds are so brain-washed and dumb-downed by the enemies of us that they don’t even realize they’re programed for destruction, and that’s the scary thing about it because what you don’t know will kill you and history has already beared witness to this and this is exactly what this system is doing to our people. Killing us. So this is something that pertains to everybody on a world wide scale that determines humanity’s path of life or Death. So I encourage everyone who’s conscious to help bring our friends and family minds out of darkness and wake up to the wars of the world we’re fighting against and become active in this Revolution to a New life by the power of the tongue.

I’m at AAA Correctional facility (the worst prison in Alabama) in lock-up 24 hrs a day in closed custody for rebelling against this wicked system... for the bullshit they do down here that don’t reach out to society. There are a lot of us in lock-up Resisting against this System and I’ve been educating some of them on the works of BA and the movement. So I’ma need a lil help with getting more literature to keep my Fellow Brothers informed. I would like y’all to give us a shout out for still striving in this struggle to let society know what we’re doing here at AAA in Alabama. We are down here fighting for Justice to get something done about this prison and the way they’re running it because this prison is specifically designed to keep us in prison and to stay here and suffer under oppression and we need help to protest against this prison out in society because we need it.

Thank you.

“...but now I realize that I was doing the white man/police job and that is to extinct us as a race.”

January 25, 2015



My name is YYY. [I] am currently housed at XX in ZZ and recently came across your newspaper and as a young black male who has 2 young sons age 6 and 1 years old, it hit me hard because I’ve never looked at the things we as black males go through the way I do now after reading your paper. It has gave me way more insight on a lot of things that black males lack. Of me being born and raised in California I was subject to the product of my environment, in which means that since I’m from the other side of my city that the black males from the other side was the enemy, and it was not only my duty but the duty of all my homies to smash them any and every chance we get and the same for them. But now I realize that I was doing the white man/police job and that is to extinct us [as] a race. It’s okay for a cop to kill a black male because he has the badge but when we do it they win big, we get life and another black man is dead. Thats 2 less niggas they haft to deal with. This could have me on one for days.

What I would like is a subscription to your paper please. I don’t have anybody out there and my money is beyond funny, but I believe this is something I could share with other black males at risk in prison, so please help me and if you got time look on da computer and google Lamon Haslip* “Daddy-o” . A Fresh 18 year old From Moreno Valley, CA. Killed by a cop while handcuffed behind his back, executed one shot to the head and still no answers or justice. Yes he had a gun in his front waistband but he was cuffed, layed on the ground—he should have been searched before cuffed period, and the reason it touch me so hard is because that was/is my Homie from my hood and it’s been swept under the rug—so yeah I look forward to hearing from you guys thank you.. This Happened 12-18-12.

UNTIL THEN: RIP Michael Brown, Lamon Haslip,* Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Eric Garner. They Deserve More, We Deserve More, PERIOD


* “Handcuffed teen, Lamon Khiry Haslip, shot and killed by police in southern California

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