March 14: Blow the Whistle on Brutal, Murdering Cops!

March 5, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Youth Blow the Whistle on Pigs & Defend the Right to Do That!

Credit: PM Beers

"No Pig Zone" If you see something...Blow the Whistle. Spread this video. It could save a life!

Mobilize for a day of Blowing the Whistle on brutal, murdering cops on March 14. Grass-roots groups in the communities should take this up. Students from elite universities and community colleges should be gathered to join in taking whistles into the communities that are targets of police murder to distribute whistles and organize people to blow the whistle when the police abuse people, giving a way for people to act and get organized.

This call for March 14 is from the Report on Stop Mass Incarceration Network Conference in Atlanta: #ShutDownA14—APRIL 14—STOP BUSINESS AS USUAL!—SAY NO MORE TO THE SYSTEM GIVING A GREEN LIGHT TO KILLER COPS! from Carl Dix & Travis Morales. Read more.

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