Three Points of Orientation for Mobilizing Powerful Outpourings of Resistance on April 14

March 2, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


1) Now is not the time for “digging in for the long haul” or coming up with a “program of reforms.” Now is the time to retake the offensive against police murder, against the New Jim Crow, and against the whole genocidal program being directed against Black and brown people, to prepare to go back into the streets in an even more powerful way. The call to action for April 14 by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network is critical to that.

2) It will take struggle, of different kinds, to do this. It will take mass political struggle right up against the enemy, including in the streets, on April 14 and leading up to April 14. And it will take struggle, in the form of debate and discussion over right and wrong and the way forward, among the people.

3) Mobilizing for shutting down business as usual on April 14 is key right now to the whole process of retaking the offensive against police murder and the whole genocidal program. Everyone who wants to prevent this struggle from being stuffed back down should join this effort, and be part of wrangling and planning over how to go forward, how to make April 14 as powerful as possible. Get with those who are taking this up, and take up the plans that are being made to make April 14 happen as powerfully as possible.

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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