March 14—It's Whistle Time! Blow the Whistle on Police Brutality and Murder.

March 10, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


In recent times we have seen video after video after video of police murdering Black people. Eric Garner in New York, Afrika in Los Angeles, Tamir Rice in Ohio, and on and on and on. NO MORE just standing by and watching while the police carry out beatings and murder.

When you see the police harass and brutalize one of our brothers or sisters, Blow the Whistle! Alert the community and the police that we are not going to tolerate this brutality and murder. Call the community together to act by blowing the whistle. Blow the Whistle so everyone knows the cops are brutalizing or about to brutalize our people again and everyone should come out to Blow the Whistle and stop this brutality.

We have seen again and again and again, no matter how brazen and brutal the police are, no matter how clearly they are caught on camera carrying out murders reminiscent of lynchings, they are not punished. NO MORE! BLOW THE WHISTLE! We must take action to stop this.

March 14, blow the whistle on the police, be part of retaking the offensive against murder by police. On March 14 get your people together and go into the neighborhoods where the people are the target of harassment, beatings and murder at the hands of the police. Whenever you see the police, Blow the Whistle. By Blowing the Whistle on the police, let the police and everyone know this is a new day beginning now. No more police murder of our people. Make Blow the Whistle on March 14 a big part of getting ready for April 14, when we shut shit down, no work no school no business as usual! We will not go back! No more to the system giving a green light to killer cops!

Getting Organized to Blow The Whistle!

  • Go to Watch Youth Blow the Whistle on Pigs & Defend the Right to Do That! and No Pig Zone and find other video and reports of Blowing The Whistle.
  • Get whistles and make flyers (Go to for key flyers)
  • Go into your or other neighborhoods, high schools, and campuses. Carry whistles and talk to people about the need to retake the offensive against police murder, Blowing The Whistle and standing up to brutal and murderous encounters with the police.
  • Distribute whistles. Ask people if they know what it's for, and if they understand at least the basic point, get them (a) whistle(s), flyer(s), and sign them up and organize to Blow The Whistle!
  • Especially in neighborhoods, make this effort widely known. For example, have people hang a whistle on every doorknob with a flyer or poster. Break down the isolation, police like people thinking they are by themselves when they are harassed. You are NOT ALONE. Bring alive the sense, feel, and sight that we are standing up together!
  • Wear your whistle proudly! You are part of something! We need to see each other and know we are together in struggle to end police brutality and murder.
  • Plan larger gatherings to organize and teach people about blowing the whistle!
  • Organize crews to go out to blow the whistle together! (See "How To Blow the Whistle")
  • Find creative ways to raise money for this effort. People can donate for whistles, and other ways need to be found to raise funds so that whistles can be distributed in large numbers to youth and in places they are needed. Whistles can be given out freely, but stopping police brutality and murder cannot be "given" to people, we all have to be part of making that stop. Donations and fundraising is one way to involve people.
  • Blow The Whistle!

How to Blow The Whistle

  • Get Whistles
  • Never leave home without a whistle.
  • Get a crew together.
  • Make sure there is one person with camera to record and take pictures.
  • Go into your neighborhood or areas targeted by police (Pretty much anywhere Black and/or brown people gather or live)
  • When with a crew, BLOW THE WHISTLE when you see the police. Let them know they are on check. Let those stopped by police know they are not alone. Gather people, and let them know that we cannot and will not let them brutalize or murder someone.
  • When alone, BLOW THE WHISTLE and gather people. You are NOT alone. Let people know murder and brutality by police MUST STOP! And it's on us to STOP IT!

  • Take pictures and recordings, and share when appropriate on social media and sending to Be careful not to share or post pictures and videos which can only be used to further attack people or target whistle blowers.


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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