Let’s Be Crystal Goddamn Clear:
The Problem Has Been and Is the Relentless Unpunished Murders by Police. This MUST Be STOPPED! And We Must Stop It.

March 12, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Right now, the sharpest single outrage within U.S. society is the relentless, ongoing, unpunished murder by police of African-American and Latino people, and the whole systematic practice of abusive, brutal and downright predatory police repression that this murder sits atop. At least three unarmed Black men have been murdered by police in just the short time since the Justice Department issued its report exonerating the killer-in-blue of the unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The murder before that of the unarmed homeless immigrant nicknamed Africa in LA, and before that of the unarmed Mexican immigrant Antonio Zambrano-Montes in Pasco, Washington bear this out. THIS MUST STOP—NOW!!

The Department of Justice report, while whitewashing the murder of Mike Brown, was forced to reveal a sliver of the police-state in Ferguson: racist harassment, widespread unprovoked violent assaults against African-Americans, unconstitutional and illegal arrests, totally unjustified imprisonment, and parasitically sucking up the little money that people have to finance the whole racket, all seasoned with plenty of racist “jokes” and other everyday nastiness and viciousness. This kind of pervasive outrageous year-in year-out oppression is in no way an exception but is typical of a whole system of mass incarceration that has been put in place in the past four decades. This widespread police terror is the front line and spearpoint of a new Jim Crow, and it has a definite genocidal edge to it. A new Jim Crow that is the latest form of the systematic oppression of Black people and other people of color that is as old as the damn land-stealing slaving founding fathers. And no, Mr. Obama, this IS “endemic.” Ferguson is everywhere. Pasco is everywhere. Madison is everywhere.

A Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party - ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION

THIS is the problem that people must address themselves to. THIS is the problem that people must STOP, right now. And just to be clear, the RESISTANCE to this madness is NOT the problem. Indeed, without resistance last summer and fall—without people standing up and breaking the so-called rules when they did so—nobody would even know about Ferguson today. Without resistance—militant resistance—very few people—beyond the millions of victims of it and the thousands of victimizers—would even be aware of what we laid out above. Without resistance, people would not be raising their heads and asking why things are this way and what could be done to change all this—at least not on anywhere near the scale that this is happening now, and the far greater scale that it must happen in the weeks and months ahead.

So what is needed right now is MORE RESISTANCE—in Ferguson, in Madison, in Pasco, in LA and Atlanta, and everywhere else these killers in blue commit their crimes. And on April 14 this must go to a whole other level. On April 14 there must be a massive outpouring all over the country, stopping business as usual, to make it unmistakably clear that this problem must be dealt with…this problem must STOP…NOW. This outpouring has been called for by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, which our Party supports, and which involves a very broad spectrum of groups and individuals fighting to do just that: STOP mass incarceration, and police terror.

This problem CAN be ended. Not by modifying or reforming this system, but by getting rid of it and replacing it with something far better. That can be done and our Party and its leader, Bob Avakian, have shown how and why this is necessary, and why it's possible. People, in their billions, do NOT need to live this way. The suffering that this system brings on the lives of tens of millions of African-Americans and many others within the U.S., and the even worse horror it wreaks on billions more across the planet, is UNNECESSARY. We are actively organizing people to prepare for the actual revolution so badly needed that can bring in a whole other way. Get with us. Find out more.




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