Statement from Parents of People Murdered by Chicago Police:
“We Can’t Accept that NOWHERE Has There Been Any Justice”

March 9, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, a federal Jury found no wrong in the police murder of Darius Pinex at a “routine traffic stop.” The same day, the Department of “No Justice” announced that no charges would be brought against Darren Wilson who murdered Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. And six months after the police murder of Roshad McIntosh, his mother has not received the most basic information about the murder of her son. Meanwhile, Homan Square in Chicago has made international news as the world discovered the regular police torture and mistreatment of people arrested and brought to that site.

We can’t accept that NOWHERE has there been any justice. This has to stop. It is on us—all of us who care about justice—not just us who have been most directly and brutally affected. We cannot rely on getting Justice from the Department of Justice—from Trayvon Martin to Mike Brown they have given a green light to murdering police and racist vigilantes.

We will be taking to the streets along with people across the country ON APRIL 14—a national day of No Business As Usual to Stop Police Murder. We are calling on others to join us. We won’t tolerate this injustice and Police Murder. And we won’t go back.

Gloria Pinex, Mother of Darius Pinex, murdered by Police January 7, 2011
Panzy Edwards, Mother of Dakota Bright, murdered by Police November 8, 2012
Dorothy Holmes, Mother of Ronald Johnson, murdered by Police October 13, 2014
Freddie McGee, Father of Freddie Latice Wilson, murdered by Police November 13, 2007

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