The “Long Haul”—and the Urgent Need RIGHT NOW

March 12, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Some of the people who have been active fighters against police murder, especially but not only last summer and fall, are saying now is the time to dig in for the long haul.

Now there’s a point to really committing yourself to everything it’s going to take to make the kind of fundamental change that’s needed here. It’s not all going to happen in a day or a week.

But let’s not set things against each other which should not be. Put it this way: If we don’t take to the streets in massive ways now, then we will weaken ourselves for the longer and bigger fight. But if we do take to the streets – and specifically if we all pull together for the biggest possible outpouring on April 14, walking out of school and working and doing the same kinds of things, and more, that masses of people did to protest the outrages around Michael Brown and Eric Garner and Tamir Rice and so many others – then we’ll be strengthening ourselves for that longer and bigger fight.

April 14 needs to mark a new jumping off point, a new entry ramp for hundreds of thousands to flood back into the struggle, to once again force all of society to confront what is being done in their name, to call on them to take a stand against it and to do something, and to carry forward the struggle for the massive change that is going to be necessary to reverse these horrors.

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