Two More Police Killings in Los Angeles Area

This Illegitimate System and Its Brutal Enforcers Have Got to Go! We Need a Revolution... Nothing Less!

March 9, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


March 6, 2015
From a reader

In the past week, police in the Los Angeles area, in two separate incidents, besides the murder of Africa on Skid Row, have killed two unarmed Latino men by shooting them while they were in a vehicle.

Late Wednesday night this week, the LAPD shot and killed 35-year-old Sergio Alexander Navas, who was unarmed. The killing happened at a time when there were no witnesses, so all we know about this is what the LAPD is saying. Navas was a stolen car suspect who was chased by the cops from North Hollywood into a dead end street in Burbank. At first, the cops claimed that Navas rammed their vehicle, but they later came out and said, “There was no multiple ramming of the police vehicle.” A cop in the passenger’s seat shot from his vehicle into Navas’ vehicle. Navas stumbled out of the car. The cops grabbed him and handcuffed him on the ground. A nurse who lives nearby came out to assist the paramedics, but the cops would not let him help. Navas died at that spot. This is another case of cold-blooded murder by LAPD this week. We will continue to report on this as we get more information.

Last Friday, February 27, in Santa Ana (30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles) the Santa Ana cops shot and killed Ernesto Javier Canepa Díaz, a 28-year-old Mexican immigrant while he was in a vehicle, that belonged to his brother-in-law. According the Orange County Register, the cops approached the vehicle and then shot Canepa. The Register reported: “A large group of people gathered near the location of the shooting... Several individuals in the crowd complained that the shooting was unjustified and yelled profanities at police.”

Then on Tuesday, March 3,  people protesting the murder went to the Santa Ana City Council meeting to demand answers. Canepa’s brother, Andres Canepa showed up with a sign saying “Fuck the Police.” He said that his dislike of police officers has grown since his brother’s death. “They’re a gang with a badge.” People held signs at the meeting, “We want answers” and “We want justice for Ernesto and his kids. We love him. We miss him.” One of the attorneys who is representing the Canepa family said that despite the fact that the cops say they found a “replica gun” in the vehicle, “Canepa was unarmed, according to witness accounts.” (See

The Orange County Register further reported: “The Mexican government is condemning the police killings of three of its citizens in the United States,” including this one and the murder of Antonio Zambrano-Montes in Pasco, Washington, and is calling on the U.S. government to investigate.

There is a vaccine for this epidemic of brutal police murders, and that vaccine is revolution... nothing less! People need to be pouring out into the streets with their outrage over these cop murders in Los Angeles and around the country, and that has to be built into a powerful day on April 14, with hundreds of thousands in the streets of this country demanding that this shit has got to stop. Building for April 14 and April 14 itself can be a day when more people can come to the realization that it is the workings of this system along with its brutal police enforcers that are the reason thousands have been killed by the police nationwide. This system is illegitimate and it is going to take an actual revolution to bring into existence a new society where all lives matter. (I encourage people to read “Ending Police Murder...This System Has NO Answers—the REVOLUTION DOES.”)

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