March 6, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


After the demonstrations of the summer and fall...

After all the promises and all the investigations that went nowhere...

After the hundreds and hundreds of arrests...

The police are still brutalizing and murdering Black and Latino people—hundreds a year—and getting away with it... in every city and town of America.

We will NOT live in a society that does this. And we will NOT stand by. On April 14, we need to “hit them where it hurts.” And when it comes to STOPPING murder by police... what REALLY “hits them where it hurts” is:

massive outpourings of people, shutting things down all over the country, bringing the "normal operation" of things to a halt through mass political mobilization and action... drawing forth more and more people, from all different parts of society... going straight up against and exposing, BEFORE THE WHOLE WORLD, this whole damn system—its brutally oppressive nature, its towering INjustice, its murdering enforcers the police, its sickening lies that it is "the champion of freedom"—and SHOWING THE WHOLE WORLD that there are masses of people pouring into the streets, right in this country, to demonstrate that they WILL NOT TAKE THIS ANY LONGER!




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