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WWW.REVCOM.US is visited every month by tens of thousands of people from the U.S. and countries all over the world.

REVCOM.US is the place that these tens of thousands can be exposed to and find out about the REAL revolution, where they can hear the voice and find the writings of Bob Avakian (BA), the foremost revolutionary communist leader alive today.

It’s the way that people here and all over the world who are hungering for a way out of this madness can learn about and dig into Bob Avakian’s new synthesis of communist revolution, which opens up a whole new pathway for humanity to break free of the nightmare of capitalism-imperialism and advance to a world without exploitation and oppression.

Having a website like this is absolutely indispensable to any effort to actually seize on the events of the day to influence the thinking of millions of people with a radical analysis and revolutionary perspective, to expose the brutal and bankrupt nature of the system we live under and what it does to the people of the world, and to bring alive in a powerful and compelling way why humanity absolutely does not need to live this way.

Through all this and much more, REVCOM.US acts as the hub and the pivot of a whole movement for revolution that is being built right here in the U.S., preparing the ground, preparing the people, and preparing the vanguard to get ready for the time when millions can be led to go for an actual all-out revolution with a real chance to win.

There is simply no other place on the Internet like REVCOM.US. And that’s why it needs generous ongoing financial support from you, its readers and supporters.

You can turn on your computer anytime, click on REVCOM.US, and connect to the revolution. BUT PRODUCING AND MAINTAINING REVCOM.US IS NOT FREE. It costs thousands of dollars every month to produce, publish, and maintain REVCOM.US, and we rely on support from readers.

For years REVCOM.US has been building up a network of sustainers for its print edition, Revolution. This network urgently needs to be strengthened and expanded, but the funds coming in this way are simply not adequate to support all that Revolution and REVCOM.US together are doing in the world. Presenting a complex, attractive website with good and timely reporting, lots of photos, videos and graphics, and many layers and portals into the different aspects of building the movement for revolution requires way more than just covering the cost of producing the print edition.

This is why we are making a particular appeal to the readers and followers of the website to sign up TODAY to become sustainers to enable REVCOM.US to pay its bills, to be maintained and to expand.

There are many different ways that you can support REVCOM.US:

  • Sign up online to sustain every month at whatever level you can afford—$5/mo. or $50/mo. or $500/mo. or anything in between—it all matters and is all part of building a network of support for REVCOM.US.
  • Contact your local Revolution Books store or Revolution distributor and arrange to donate monthly.
  • Spread the word about REVCOM.US and get everyone you know who follows the website to donate.
  • Make a collective pledge with your friends and neighbors to pool your funds and come up with a monthly donation for the website and newspaper.

Think about what a difference it makes at this juncture to have such a website—think about all that is opened up and all that becomes possible when a site like this exists for the people of the world!

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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