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March 16, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | received this appeal for funds from revolutionaries in Ferguson:

Dear Supporters:

Funds are urgently needed to enable a team of revolutionaries to continue important work in St. Louis/Ferguson.

For those who appreciate the need for the work of the revolutionaries to continue over the next two months...we call on you for additional financial assistance with living expenses. Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the next two month period. Our team will welcome any form of financial support.


Ferguson, August 13Ferguson, Missouri, August 13. Photo: Jon Swaine

We came to Ferguson in August to stand with the defiant ones following the vicious police murder of Mike Brown. We stood shoulder to shoulder with the people in the streets to demand justice because a non-indictment would mean a green light for cops and vigilantes to continue murdering, terrorizing, and destroying our youth. Other objectives included connecting this murder of Mike Brown to the nationwide epidemic of police murder and brutality, spreading the spirit of resistance and the lessons from Ferguson to other parts of the country, and bringing the understanding that racist violence and national oppression are woven deeply into the fabric of this system, the whole world is seriously fucked up and it doesn’t have to be this way, and that ultimately there’s a basis for millions of people to rise up to uproot this system through revolution. Thousands of issues of Revolution newspaper have been distributed, the website has been consistently promoted, and crucial correspondence has been forwarded to

The defiance and determination of the people of Ferguson in the face of rubber bullets, tear gas, and tanks played the key role in waking people up to the reality of police terror of Black and brown people. Efforts in Ferguson/St. Louis during the month of October helped the October Month of Resistance have the societal impact that helped millions more to wrap their brains around the epidemic of police murders and come off the sidelines and into political life. We also helped organize a contingent of 17 people from Ferguson/St. Louis to travel to NYC for the historic Dialogue last November on Revolution and Religion between Bob Avakian (BA) and Cornel West. The entrance of the Ferguson contingent into the church where the Dialogue was held had a profound impact on both the speakers and the audience. There was broad promotion of publicity for the Dialogue to help get BA known throughout the area. In the wake of all this, a Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN) chapter has been established and there’s the embryo of a Revolution Club.

We need to retake the offensive and take the struggle to stop police murders of Black and brown people to a much higher level, and we need to broadly spread the Dialogue far and wide in the St. Louis area, as part of building this movement for revolution. Therefore, our team needs to remain here through April 14 and its aftermath. Plans for several showings of the high-quality film of Revolution and Religion and plans for building on nodal points leading up to the national shutdown day on April 14 really need to be implemented here, and to impact the whole country.



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