Family Forces Dallas PD to Release Video

Another Mentally Ill Black Man Murdered By Police

March 19, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


On June 28, two Dallas police shot and killed Jason Harrison, 38, at his home. Now his family has forced the Dallas PD to release a video of the murder.

The video shows Jason Harrison, a mentally ill African-American man standing in his own doorway holding a small screwdriver. Jason Harrison’s mother called the police for assistance in bringing him to the local hospital. She made police clearly aware of her son’s condition. The video shows her calmly walking out of the front door, before her son, seconds before the shooting.

Just before the Dallas police released this video, on March 9, police in Georgia killed Anthony Hill, an unarmed African-American 27-year-old who was not only unarmed, but naked when he was shot to death.

Dallas police say that the department has already completed an investigation into the matter, but more than eight months later, they have not made any ruling.

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