Chicago Police Racially Profile, Stop & Frisk at Four Times the Rate of New York City

March 23, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


On top of the rapidly rising number of murders by police of Black and Latino youth, on top of the expanding population of people locked down and abused in prisons and jails and in the clutches of the injustice system, comes a revelation of yet another outrage.

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The news, outrageous if not surprising, is that in 2014, Chicago police stopped and frisked at FOUR TIMES the rate people were subjected to this police abuse in New York City at the height of the New York police stop and frisk rampage. And that the victims of stop and frisk were overwhelmingly Black.

This comes in a report released today by the ACLU of Illinois (available online at

The ACLU report also documents the blatant targeting of Black people, revealed by the fact that 72% of all the people stopped by police were Black while Black people are only 32% of the population of the city of Chicago.

This ACLU report comes on the heels of the recent exposure of the Homan Square “black site” where for years people were held incommunicado and subject to torture after being arrested in Chicago. And just this last week there were news investigations revealing that Chicago police were doing systematic surveillance of activists, including using so-called “Stingray” technology that allows them to listen in on cell phone conversations.

Activists in the struggle against police murder and brutality and against mass incarceration are planning a press conference mid-week to denounce this latest revelation of oppression by those who literally hold the power of life and death over the lives of millions of people.


Bob Avakian, "The police, Black youth and what kind of a system is this?"

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