Cleveland: "We are letting the world know that we are going to continue to demand justice for Tamir"

March 24, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


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Photo: Special to

March 22—About 70 people, including many Black youth, gathered for a vigil and march at the park where 12-year-old Tamir Rice was murdered by cops four months ago to the day. Tamir’s cousin, LaTonya Goldsby, began by saying, "We are letting the world know that we are going to continue to demand justice for Tamir until the police officers are indicted, until charges are filed and justice has been rendered.” Tamir's uncle brought out how we are fighting for all the victims of police murder, including unarmed 18-year-old Brandon Jones who was killed on March 19 and others.

Then we began to march four miles to the 1st District police station where the killer cop came from. We first walked in the street, with a coffin leading the way. After walking several blocks, the police rolled up in eight cars and forced people to get on the sidewalk. The march continued with lots of spirit, loud chants, and signs and many people had stickers saying “STOP MURDERS BY POLICE #ShutDownA14.” Loud chants rang out: “We don’t need no racist police,” “Justice for Tamir” and more.

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At the 1st District police station, the father of Brandon Jones spoke about how he is proud to be part of this common fight against these police killings. Everyone was given a red carnation, and at one point LaTonya told everyone to think deeply about what happened to Tamir and other victims of police murder as they place their carnations on the black coffin. The youth placed carnations on the coffin first and then others followed. Throughout the afternoon there was a determined spirit to fight to stop the police murder of Black people, that only the people can stop it—and that April 14 was certainly a part of that spirit.  

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