Three reasons why EVERYONE who cannot tolerate the epidemic of murder by police should act April 14

March 23, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Last fall, people all across the country rose up against the egregious murders of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and others by police and the exonerations of their killers. Their actions woke people up all over the world.

All winter, resistance to this has been bubbling. From Pasco, Washington, and Atlanta to Madison, Wisconsin, and Virginia—people are refusing to take this.

But the murders keep happening.

More must be done to stop this daily, deeply seated, deadly horror.

On April 14 people all across the country will shut things down, bringing the “normal operation” of things to a halt through mass political mobilization and action.

  1. These actions will make it absolutely clear that these unpunished murders by police must STOP—and that the whole genocidal agenda that they are part of must be reversed!
  2. These actions will let the world know that this is not just a problem in Ferguson, Missouri, or Madison or Oakland or any of the other places in the headlines day after day. These actions will make clear that this is the reality of America. That this is not a few bad apples or bad departments, this is systemic! And it will be fought that way.
  3. Most of all: these actions will sound a loud call to millions, here and around the world, that there are people determined to STOP this... It will make it clear that there are people—and there is a movement—determined to fight for a future where our youth are not cast off, locked down, warehoused, routinely abused and even murdered—a future where they can instead live with their humanity fully recognized. A movement determined to call on, inspire, and organize many, many others to join in this battle. These actions will say to the millions now agonizing to come out and be part of changing the future!

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