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Allene Person: 1944-2015

April 2, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


With much pain and some shock, I'm writing to let readers of and Revolution newspaper know of the death of Allene Person on March 11, 2015.

Allene Person
Allene Person

Allene was thrust into the fight for justice when NY police murdered her 19-year-old son, Timur Person, in 2006, in the Bronx. She connected with other parents and family members of people killed by police, and through that gained strength and found her voice to expose not only what was done to her son but what is being done to Black and Brown youth. She became a part of a courageous core of parents working at building the movement to put a stop police brutality and murder.

After briefly meeting Allene the night her son was murdered, I later had the chance to work and talk with her more. She had other children, including sons, and grandchildren who she loved. She also taught young children at an inner city school. She shared her concern, with plenty of indirect and personal experience, for the dangers of growing up Black in this country, and she always had stories about the fun and joy—and frustration—of children.

We had many chances to listen to and discuss talks and videos by Bob Avakian, who she had real respect for, and struggle over the necessity and possibility of the revolution he's all about. And there was a depth to how she thought.

BA speaks in the film Revolution—Nothing Less! about how people among those who catch the most hell every day don't know the impact they have, or can have. Allene played an important part in moving others to stand up, but as much as others tried to let her know, she didn't really realize the impact of this.

She was a comrade in the struggle, and I counted her among my friends. She will be missed.


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