Chicago Fundraising Dinner Honors Stolen Lives Families

April 1, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Stolen Lives Dinner, Chciago, March 21

Honoring the families of the stolen lives at a fundraising dinner for April 14, Chicago.

On March 21, at a fundraising dinner for A14, the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Chicago Chapter welcomed and honored six families who have lost loved ones to police murder. Over 50 people of all ages and nationalities attended this fundraiser at the Wicker Park Lutheran Church.
The families honored were those of Freddie Latise Wilson, Roshad McIntosh, Darius Pinex, Rekia Boyd, Marcus Landrum, and Ronald "Ronnieman" Johnson. Through their collective voices, the families and supporters celebrated the humanity of their loved ones, honored the families, and strengthened all our determination to fight for justice for all those murdered or brutalized by the police.

Read a correspondence from a student who was part of the program and watch videos of families speaking at the dinner.



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