A Call to Attorneys, Law Students, Legal Observers and Legal Workers—Volunteers Needed!

In re: Police terror, brutality, lawlessness and murder? April 14 Shut It Down!

April 6, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The enormous injustice of police terror, brutality, lawlessness and outright murder, aimed especially at Black and Latino people, has been a hard and cold fact of life in this country for a long, long time. But last summer and fall, two of those murders—Michael Brown and Eric Garner—and then the non-indictments of the police who killed them unleashed a tidal wave of righteous outrage and passionate, defiant mass protest. Hundreds of thousands stepped out into the streets across America, determined to STOP these crimes against the people, this onslaught of police murder.

On Tuesday, April 14, we will take this movement to a whole new level. The Stop Mass Incarceration Network has issued a nationwide Call for Shutdown April 14th—Everyone must disrupt the normal routine, through mass political mobilization and action: NO SCHOOL! NO WORK! STOP BUSINESS AS USUAL! Thousands of students will walk out of school, take over buildings and go on strike at colleges and high schools nationwide. People will gather and march in cities and towns coast to coast. Here’s a nationwide list of planned actions.

Cornel West and Carl Dix, the co-founders of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, invite you to sign and spread the CALL FOR APRIL 14. In the accompanying letter, they call on you to help make April 14 as powerful as possible:

People who step out and stand up on April 14, unstoppable in the face of any attempts by the authorities to repress and silence them, will need to be defended.

This is a call for VOLUNTEERS: You and your colleagues are urgently needed on April 14 as lawyers, law students, and other volunteers who will come to their defense.

Lawyers who will join efforts to stand with and defend the people making April 14 the powerful and challenging statement that’s needed...

Law students, legal workers, and legal observers (especially people who have been trained as LO’s, but new untrained volunteers are welcome too) who can be there with people as they walk out, march, hit the streets, and do creative protests of all kinds...

Make a difference! Take a stand with all the people who refuse to accept that the normal routine of this society should include wanton police murder of Black and Brown people.

Contact the Stop Mass Incarceration Network today
and there will be a place, and an April 14 legal task, waiting for you.

National Contact Information

The Stop Mass Incarceration Network
Email: stopmassincarceration@gmail.com
FB: stopmassincerationnetwork
Phone: (646) 709-1961


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