April 1 Stolen Lives Day at Seattle University

April 6, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


From a Seattle college student:

April 1 was a really inspiring and energizing day. Thank you everyone for coming out! We advocated on campus and after about 40 minutes were kicked out so we made our way to 12th & Cherry, a street on site that students use to get off and on campus. There were some folks who weren’t ready or willing to listen to us or look at the murdered faces on our posters, which deeply worried, baffled, and angered me. However despite those prickly interactions (or lack thereof) we were able to have some very revitalizing exchanges, and fortunately I found that the good interactions outnumbered the bad. Students smiled and said thank you or I’ll be there, took photos, took a flyer, shared thoughts on the issue, signed up for the emails and events, cars honked, and people listened. We touched base with an organizer of a politically active student group at Seattle University—hope to hear more from him and see some on campus organizing for #ShutdownA14.

I find that every time I take this message to the public there is another story told of another innocent victim, another friend, brother, or sister who has been pummeled by violence—brutality is everywhere, you really don’t have to dig deep to find it. I am excited to take this to my school, Seattle Central College (currently on spring break), to spread the word and organize there.

Shown here are the voices and faces of students from Seattle University that are calling upon everyone across the U.S. to stand up on April 14 and SHUT IT DOWN!

Seattle University

Seattle University
Photos: Special to revcom.us

Seattle University

Seattle University

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