Chilling Implications of the DOJ Justifying the Murder of Michael Brown

April 9, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

I love the recent Revolution article on Michael Brown, which shows the lies of the Department of Injustice report clearing Darren Wilson. ("DOJ Report: Coverup for the Police Murder of Michael Brown")

I have some additional thoughts I think are important on this.

A few weeks ago, the first Black U.S. attorney general, under the first Black U.S. president, decided to clear Ferguson cop Darren Wilson for murdering Michael Brown. Another report, issued at the same time, criticized the Ferguson Police Department’s racism.

What's really chilling (and worse) about this, is the report's sentence: "There is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely to disprove Wilson's stated subjective belief that he feared for his safety."

Yes there's a conspiracy, to get the cops off

A clip from Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About, a film of a talk by Bob Avakian, given in 2003. Bob Avakian is the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Watch the entire film online at And get into Bob Avakian.

Here is the Black U.S. attorney general telling police how they can get away with cold-blooded murder, especially of Black people, and also of everyone, including if you're in a racist police department. Just say you subjectively believe that you feared for your safety. Your belief could be completely irrational, and you can kill with impunity. You can be a racist MF who thinks that all Black people by definition are a threat to your safety, and you can kill with impunity, and the Justice Department will clear you.

Every cop accused of murder (or any crime against the people) who has an attorney worth their salt will use this report to bolster their defense, on a local, state, and federal level. And in the court of public opinion. This is a massive attack on the people. This sentence alone should have provoked widespread demonstrations and protests and more. But it didn't, maybe at least in part because it was issued by the first Black attorney general under the first Black president.

This is even MORE true in light of the other DOJ report, criticizing the Ferguson PD's racism. That report did its job of getting people to focus on something other than the fact that the Black president and Black AG just told all the pigs of the country how to continue to kill Black (and other) people with impunity, even in the face of massive public outcry and demand for justice.

Bob Avakian's quote about Tyisha Miller, while addressing a very different circumstance, is certainly to the point:

"If you can't handle this situation differently than this, then get the fuck out of the way. Not only out of the way of this situation, but get off the earth. Get out of the way of the masses of people. Because, you know, we could have handled this situation any number of ways that would have resulted in a much better outcome..."

I would add that if you're a cop in any society, and you fear for your life when you go to work, go get another job. You are unqualified to do anything legitimate, and certainly should not have access to weapons that can harm other people or the ability to invoke state authority over anyone, under any circumstance.

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