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April 11, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Dear readers of, correspondents, photographers, journalists of all types:

We are asking you to contribute to coverage of the April 14 protests to STOP police murder. Send photos, videos, and correspondence, links to Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram uploads, YouTube videos, Dropbox folders, etc., to You can also call in reports to 718-812-7651. And we are encouraging you, and everyone you can get word to, to check in during the day from your mobile devices to get a feel for how things are developing nationwide.

Last fall, people all across the country rose up against the egregious murders of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and others by police, and the exonerations of the killers. Their actions woke people up all over the world. But the murders keep happening. More must be done to stop this daily, deeply seated, deadly horror.

On April 14, people all across the country will shut things down, bringing the “normal operation” of things to a halt through mass political mobilization and action.

These actions will sound a loud call to millions, here and around the world, that there are people determined to STOP this... It will make it clear that there are people—and there is a movement—determined to fight for a future where our youth are not cast off, locked down, warehoused, routinely abused and even murdered—a future where they can instead live with their humanity fully recognized.

Be part of contributing to coverage of April 14 at to give the world a picture of the courageous actions that day, large and small—from high school walkouts and campus and neighborhood rallies to major street protests.


  • So that the actions of the people who refuse to put up with police murder, everywhere, big and small, from all perspectives, outlooks, and agendas, is not buried but shared with the world. No secret upsurges!
  • So people in this country and around the world can come to for the fullest picture of the significance of what happens, and how it fits into all the biggest challenges to getting free.

In that light, here’s what we need:

  • Photos and video that show the impact of the protest—nice photos of banners, signs and people. It is fine to ask people who want to make a statement by posing for photos with the banner or signs to do that.
  • Pictures and video giving a feel for the whole range of people, including those from communities that catch the most hell every day, and others who are standing against police murder.
  • Pictures giving a feel for the impact of the protests on people who see them.

And send or call in descriptions painting a picture of the protests—again, we’ll have a phone number for this soon.

Questions to ask when there are opportunities to interview people (and aim to get a mix of kinds of people that reflects the diversity of who comes):

  • What compelled you to be out here today?
  • What do you think it will take to stop police murder?
  • What has surprised you most about what you have seen and heard today?

Send photos, videos, and correspondence, links to Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram uploads, YouTube videos, Dropbox folders, etc to: or call 718-812-7651.

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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