OUTRAGE in Miami: Cops Kill Mentally Ill Black Man “Armed” with a Broomstick

April 11, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The day after the release of the video of the cold-blooded police murder of Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina, another video emerged on Wednesday, April 8.

Another deadly shooting of a Black man by a cop. This time in Miami.

25-year-old Lavall Hall was shot on February 15. His mother had called the police for help because Lavall was having a psychotic episode. When the police arrived Hall was carrying a broomstick.

In the police video, released by Lavall Hall's family, you can hear a cop ordering Hall to “get on the f---ing ground or you’re dead.” Then moments later, you can’t see Hall in the video but you hear the shooting of five deadly rounds.

Melissa Edwards, the mother of Hall’s 8-year-old daughter, told the Miami Herald, “I was outraged, furious, devastated and very emotional… They killed him, murdered him.”

The lying cops, of course ran out their story—that they were forced to shoot because Hall “attacked” them with “deadly force” using the broom. But now the video shows Hall trying to flee before he was shot and killed.

Another OUTRAGE. Another reason to SHUT IT DOWN on April 14!

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