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Powerful Protest at UC Berkeley

Very powerful protest shut down class as usual at UC Berkeley today. For at least two hours, up to 70 students blocked Sather Gate. It was like the '60s. Physical confrontations prevented students from going through the line, and hundreds of students were forced to stop and choose another route and confront the reality of Black lives matter and police murder. The protest started with just 15 people, but the action galvanized the real anger among especially the Black and Latino students. One Black student in particular rallied the students, marching up and down the line like a battle commander and demanding they refuse to let anyone go through the line.
UC Berkeley, Sather Gate
Photo: melaniejaycee@Instagram


Columbia College students walk out to join march in Daley Plaza

Video of Kenwood Academy walkout

DePaul students at Daley Plaza

DePaul University students singing "I Can't Breathe"Singing the I Can't Breathe song at #ShutDownA14 Chicago

Washington University, St. Louis

Washington University, St. Louis
Protesters at #washu "mike brown in every town, April 14 shut it down" #BlackLivesMatter Photo: @sourikbeltran

St Louis Washington University A14

At Washington University. Photo: special to revcom.us

Die-in at UCLA

Die-in at UCLAPhoto: instagram

Die in at U Mass Amherst by Black Students Today

Columbia University

The NYC Revolution Club and Columbia University students staged a rally on campus and read names of people murdered by police before heading down to Union Square. They were joined by a man who heard Cornel West call for the Union Square protest and flew in from Utah on a RedEye to be part of it.

Early a.m. at a Midwest high school

Early a.m. at a midwest high school
Getting ready for #ShutDownA14

Los Angeles

Fremont High School walkout. Video: special to revcom.us

LA High School students in the houseLos Angeles: High School students in the house! #ShutDownA14

Teacher told her she was too small to make a changeLos Angeles: Teacher told her she was "too small to make a change." she responded: "Look how many ppl I got to walk out w/ me!"

Atlanta, Georgia State University

Georgia State University Jasiri X

Inside Georgia State University courtyard with Jasiri X.

Madison, Wisconsin High School Walkout

Walkout of high school students in Madison
Madison: East High School students blocking street. Photo: @telldylan

High school students walk out in MadisonMadison high school students, determined to stop murder by police, plan to block a major street in Madison, Wisconsin, "all night." Photo:  @bgodar

John Carroll University, Ohio

John Carroll University, Ohio
JCU police "tore down our signs advertising this event." JCU Black Student Union rep. #ShutDownA14 #BlackLivesMatter Photo: @PTS_CLE

San Francisco Bay Area

High school students, Bay AreaHigh school students in the Bay Area.
Photo: revclub_bay@Instagram


30+ students walked out Brooklyn Friends HS to #ShutDownA14 #NYC! "We need to bring more ppl in. #BlackLivesMatter" Photo: @StopMassIncNet

April 13: DePaul University My Life Matters Protest - Edward Ward and Elijah Obasanya

April 13, DePaul University
Photo: Zhavia Gray

Editor’s note: This picture from a student sitting down in the middle of the street to call attention to the emergency of police murder and publicize/challenge other students at DePaul to be part of shutdownA14.  The shirt he is wearing says "My Life Matters."  The action in the middle of the street that runs through the DePaul campus in Chicago lasted a half hour and caused quite a scene. 

The student asked that this quote be included with this post: "John 5: 30 – I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me. I was following God." -Edward Ward

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