Come to the Defense of Those Arrested in Los Angeles

April 14, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


News Flash! All released, no felony charges. These heroic protesters spent more time in jail and are facing heavier charges than Darren Wilson, Daniel Panteleo and all the other cops who murdered unarmed innocent people.  Call LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to demand all charges against these protesters be dropped.  213.486.0150

Los Angeles

Dozens of protesters determined to keep shutting it down on A14 to STOP police murder stayed in the LA Downtown area through rush hour.  Twenty of them sat down in a very busy intersection downtown stopping the blue line metro train, backing up street and freeway traffic for over an hour.  The LAPD arrested 15, and has threatened them with felony charges, high bail and keeping them locked up through Thursday. 

This is intolerable! Call to demand their immediate release and for all charges to be dropped!  

Call LA Central Division 213.486.6606. In addition, four UCLA students stopped traffic on the 405 Freeway offramp earlier today. Call Century Regional Detention Center at 323.568.4000 and West Hollywood Sherriff's at 310.855.8850 to demand their immediate release with all charges dropped.

Blocking the Blue Line in Los Angles

Photo: Los Angeles—blocking the train. @Jayron26

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