"The film brings you up close inside Cornel West's and Bob Avakian's dialogue: the passion, the audacity, the science, the morality, the revolutionary substance. Two courageous voices modeling a morality that refuses to accept injustice – pouring heart and soul into standing together challenging all of us to fight for a world worthy of humanity."

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"No more generations of our youth, here and all around the world, whose life is over, whose fate has been sealed, who have been condemned to an early death or a life of misery and brutality, whom the system has destined for oppression and oblivion even before they are born. I say no more of that."

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Cheers to Five Actors Who Walked Off the Cast of Ferguson Play

April 27, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


This week five actors in the cast of Ferguson, a play designed to support the killing of Michael Brown and the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the pig who murdered him, walked out of a rehearsal. (See “Actors quit L.A. ‘Ferguson’ play, question writer’s motives,” by Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times, April 23, 2015.) After reading the script that says that Michael Brown did not have his hands up and that he charged the cop, cast member Philip Casnoff and four others basically said they would not take part in this hit piece. “It felt like the purpose of the piece was to show, ‘Of course he was not indicted—here’s why,’” said Casnoff.

The play ends with the lines, “It could have ended another way. The officer had no other choice [but to shoot and kill Michael Brown].” When those lines were read during the rehearsal, the Los Angeles Times reports that “a kind of awkward quiet fell over the cast members, whose bodies had been bent like question marks as they stared down at their scripts...” the LA Times article goes on, “The cast questioned the balance of the 55-page script, and even debated the justification for the shooting.”

5 Stops

The playwright, Phelim McAleer, is a right-wing conservative. He has made a pro-fracking documentary and a documentary that asserts An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary about climate change, is not true.

Here’s an idea—people should go and challenge this play with the truth, which is not subjective but is actually true. Go to the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles this week before the play ends on Wednesday, April 29, with the article DOJ Report: Coverup for the Police Murder of Michael Brown and let the audience know that this play is bullshit and that “It’s very clear the prosecutor never wanted an indictment.”


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