Madison Cop who Murdered Tony Robinson Walks Free

“It’s Not Over”—Protest in Madison

May 14, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


On May 13, 300-400 people marched throughout the streets in the city of Madison to protest the decision to not prosecute the cop who killed Tony Robinson. In a hail of 7 bullets another young Black man was shot and killed and the pigs walk free.

Speaking to the District Attorney’s excuses for not bringing the cop to trial, Carl Dix said “The DA is telling us we have to take the cop’s word for what happened, saying there is not sufficient evidence to prove the cop who murdered Tony Robinson is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But that is what a trial is supposed to be about! Where we can get all the evidence on the table and where the cop’s story can be questioned and compared to real evidence. So now we are being told that’s not gonna happen. There is NO reason to believe the story the DA ran out at the press conference.”

And Carl Dix emphasized “But even if what he said was true, this was murder.” (See “Statement from Carl Dix, Madison, Wisconsin—NO CHARGES FOR COP WHO GUNNED DOWN 19-YEAR-OLD TONY ROBINSON COP ONCE AGAIN GETS AWAY WITH MURDER!”).

The march, followed by a People's Tribunal, was called by the Young, Gifted and Black Coalition, a direct action organization.  Brandi Grayson, co-founder of the YGBC said: "It's important for people to understand that the black community in Dane County and the State of Wisconsin is in a state of emergency," said Grayson. "We are in a crisis, so there's no time for us to be silent or to abide by someone else's definition of order."

Madison, May 13
Madison, May 13

The march was a multi-national mix of community activists, students from local high schools, teachers, and others. Some local leaders supported the students who planned to "walk out" of school in their expressions of grief, anger and protest. And some teachers came out with them to make sure they were safe. Many of the high school students were shocked and stunned by the decision not to prosecute the killer of Tony Robinson.

Madison, May 13
Madison, May 13. Photo: Special to

Before the protest, the Superintendent of Schools sent out a letter saying in part “We also know that there will be protests planned for Tuesday that our middle and high school students may be asked to participate in. …First, we ask that you would encourage your student to stay in school during the school day as to not negatively impact their instructional time.” And the “progressive” mayor threatened to arrest protesters.

Madison, May 13
Madison, May 13. Photo: Special to

Nevertheless, many students did march. One student decided to skip taking a test in school to take part in the march. "We had this really huge test today, that I really wanted to miss because I really wanted to come have my passion," she said. "I think it's really important to get involved since we're the next generation."

The sentiment in the crowd was: It’s not over! The poster of the faces of those murdered across the country by police was seen everywhere in the march with many donations coming in raising over $200. Many want to continue to talk about the way forward, and there was a wide range of ideas of what that means: community control of the police and courts, and also a mass movement to STOP police murder. The STOP Police Murder banner was carried throughout the march by various people who joined up with supporters of Revolution Newspaper and the Revolution Club.

Protest in downtown Minneapolis, May 13.
Protest in downtown Minneapolis, May 13. Photo: Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via AP

After the Tribunal people took the street at an intersection. 28 people were arrested in nonviolent civil disobedience in front of the Dane County Court House and Jail. A number of people blocked the two doors going into the jail while others stood arm and arm in the middle of the street refusing to let business as usual go down.

There were solidarity protests in other cities including Oakland, CA and Minneapolis, where according to activists, police pepper-sprayed a 10-year-old protester.

Oakland CA May 13, 2015 protest against cop murderer of Tony Robinson going free

A group of 20 people demonstrated in downtown Oakland May 13 against Madison, Wisconsin District Attorney's decision to let the murdering cop off!




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