A Call to Students: NO JUSTICE? NO SCHOOL!




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The system has given a green light to police everywhere to keep killing Black and Latino youth.  They are being told they will not be punished for these murders, as they continue to murder people day after day.  How was that message delivered?  NO CHARGES were filed against the cop in Madison, Wisconsin who shot 19 year old Tony Robinson 7 times.  And just two days later in Zion, Illinois, they said the murder of 17-year-old Justus Howell with two shots in the back was “justified.”  The latest statistics show the painful truth that police are now killing up to 3 people a day! THAT’S EVERY 8 HOURS!

Now think about the murder of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who was alive and healthy until he encountered the Baltimore police and died a week later from a broken spine.  What was different about the murder of Freddie Gray than all these other murders?  THIS time, those pigs WERE charged with crimes for his death.  Why?  Because people in Baltimore rose up.  Teenagers bravely and heroically stood up to tons of armed police who were trying to stop them from being in the streets to demand justice.  Those rebels in Baltimore inspired people all over the country – and in the days after the Baltimore rebellion, thousands marched in the streets of New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. to stand with them and support their cry for justice, many of them college students from more privileged backgrounds.

A fight has begun, to STOP MURDER BY POLICE and the whole slow genocide of mass incarceration, a movement that is growing and becoming more determined.  Even while the powers-that-be try to stop it by arresting and threatening protesters.  High school students have played a very important part in this movement and need to step up to play an even bigger part – in demanding an end to murder by police and in fighting to drop all the charges against the protesters.  On April 14th there were high school students across the country who walked out of their schools to shut shit down.  Because they know that playing by the rules means nothing changes – the police keep shooting people down in the street and getting away with it.  On May 22nd, if you want to see a different future, if you want to be part of making a better world: break the rules, and do something that matters. 

A Call to Students: No Justice? No School!
Credit: Stop Mass Incarceration Network

WE CALL ON high school students, middle school students, college students: walk out of school on May 22nd.  March through busy streets or protest in front of the police stations.  Or go to the sites where people have been murdered by police in your city or town.  Get whistles and bring them with you to blow the whistle if you see the police harassing people.  On May 22nd we send the message: we will not tolerate murder by police.

This call is issued by high school students and others from Stop Mass Incarceration Network So. Cal. and Revolution Club L.A.  For more information or to get organized, go to: stopmassincarceration.net or revcom.us or find us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.


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