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May 25, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


This week in Cleveland we are seeing a rerun of the same disgusting, outrageous movie. The authorities committed an unbelievable outrage. They exonerated the pigs who cold-bloodedly and sadistically murdered Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. The masses threatened to get angry and rise up against it, and suddenly “leaders” were put forward to tell them to be peaceful. “Don’t rise up, don’t rebel. We’ll only hurt ourselves. Things are gonna get better if we just play by the rules.”

This is shameful. These people pour water on the struggle, when REAL struggle and resistance is the only hope that people have of a better day. This must change.

Malcolm X used to talk about the role of house slaves back in slavery. The house slaves worked in the “big house.” It was still slavery, but it was better than being out in the fields, slaving under the sun, in conditions of sheer hell. These house slaves would be allowed a little better clothing and scraps off the master’s table. When the bitterly exploited field slaves would threaten to rise up, these house slaves were sent out to calm them down. “Do things the right way,” they’d say. “If we rise up against our own plantation, then where will we be?” What was the result? Slavery kept on going, consuming the lives of whole generations of millions of African-American people, until war finally put an end to it.

75 years ago, in Europe, the German Nazis tried to kill all the Jews in Europe. They appointed councils of better-off Jews to work through—Judenrat, they were called. They would give these Judenrat scraps to quiet down the masses and pacify them. And the Judenrat would also finger the more militant Jews who wanted to fight the Nazis, to get rid of them. “If you rise up, they’ll kill us all.” What was the result? The Nazis were able to put ALL the Jews in camps and kill them.

For months these modern-day house slaves and Judenrat have been telling people, “Oh, we have the ear of the Justice Department. Now things will change. So just play by the rules and don’t get out of order.” NO! This is bullshit. This is the INjustice Department, in charge of keeping this same system going. This is the INjustice Department which defends the police in the Supreme Court each and every time a case comes up against them.

Today this system—which the INjustice Department enforces—has no future for millions of Black and Brown youth. Because of this, there is a slow genocide going on, and it could speed up at any time. Those who say that we should be peaceful and work within the same system that is bringing this down on people—whatever their intentions—are playing the roles of house slaves and Judenrat.

Right now, there is justice that must be won in the case of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. And it is six months since pigs rolled up and murdered 12-year-old Tamir Rice in less than two seconds, and still there is no word of an indictment. Sharp struggle and fierce resistance are urgently required.





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