Two LA Schools Walk Out Against Police Murder

May 25, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


On Friday, May 22nd, students from two South Central Los Angeles high schools walked out of school in response to the announcement last week that no charges were filed against the cop who murdered 19-year-old Tony Robinson in Madison, WI, and in solidarity with the rebels of Baltimore. 

Los Angeles high school walkout, May 22

LA high school walkout, May 22Los Angeles high school walkout, May 22. Photos: Special to

Together with the L.A. Revolution Club they marched to the memorial site where Ezell Ford was murdered by LAPD last August, then to nearby 77th Street police division for a speakout.  After the speakout they came across police pulling guns on people in a car and blew whistles and shouted until the police angrily backed off. 

Some of the marchers then went down to Compton to join a vigil with the family of Mayra Cornejo as part of the national #sayhername vigils and protests this week (see “#Say Her Name Vigil Shines Light on Police Murder of Black Women" for a report on the Say Her Name event in NYC). Many of the students took up wearing the Revolution Nothing Less t-shirt.



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