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On the Murder of Feras Morad by Long Beach Police: THESE MURDERS BY POLICE MUST STOP – NOW!

June 8, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Feras Morad, a 20-year-old college student, was murdered by the Long Beach Police Department on Wednesday, May 27. Feras Morad was in the prime of his life, on his way to Cal State University Long Beach, in preparation to become a lawyer. Feras wanted to be a public defender, to defend people who were victims of police brutality. He was a national debate champion. He was curious, idealistic -- someone convinced the world could change for better. He “knew everything about everything” his younger sister Ghada has said.

Justice for Feras! Protest, June 4, Long Beach
June 4, Long Beach. (Photo: Justice for Feras Facebook page)

On May 27 Feras tried hallucinogenic mushrooms, and had a very bad reaction. He jumped out of a 2nd story window of an apartment complex. In the alley near where he fell he was stumbling around. He was high. He was clearly having a difficult time, in medical duress. Feras needed help and compassion. What he received instead were police bullets to the heart, point blank - murdered by police on the spot. Bloody, shirtless and shoeless, clearly unarmed: the Long Beach Police used this opportunity to steal the life of another young person.

Media stories say there are “conflicting reports” of what happened. That Feras violently attacked the cop who first used a Taser and then shot Feras to death. These news reports effectively cover up and justify murder by police. An eyewitness said: “…[Feras’] arms were flayed up, like this (hands up above shoulders). He was leaning back on the police car a little bit, just stumbling. And his arms were up, like up! And the cop planted four inches from his heart. And shot four into him. And I thought they were blanks until… until all the blood started pouring out of him…His hands were in the air, like this! He was unarmed. He had no shirt. No shoes. He was wounded... If they would have let me come down I would have talked that kid down. I guarantee it. That child did not need to die. And I hope that cop sees that kids face for the rest of his life because he is a murderer.”

And Feras Morad is not the first young man to be shot down this year by police after eating hallucinogenic mushrooms. Tony Robinson in Madison, WI was murdered by cop Matt Kenny in March this year, after Robinson ate hallucinogenic mushrooms and was acting erratically. Rather than help Robinson, Kenny shot him down. Thousands of high school students righteously took over the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda in protest. And more protests have followed in Madison, when prosecutors let Kenny walk last month. This week, it was reported that Kenny will not face any internal discipline for shooting Robinson dead. This was the second person Kenny had shot dead. In the first shooting, authorities let Kenny walk free, saying the shooting was “suicide by cop” and awarded Kenny with a "Commendation of Valor” for shooting the person.

The murder of Feras Morad must be responded to with massive protests and outrage. Young high school and college students experiment with drugs as part of socializing with friends and classmates. Recreational drug use goes on among the youth, and has for many decades. We should not be living in society where police are given the green light over and over again to kill youth and students who are on bad trips, or are acting erratically for whatever reason.

The Stop Mass Incarceration Network stands shoulder to shoulder with the family and friends in the fight for justice for Feras. This is the second murder by Long Beach police this year. 25 people have been shot by police in Long Beach since 2013, and Feras is the 11th person they’ve shot dead since 2013. And, nationwide over 1000 people a year are killed by police. THIS MUST STOP!

Justice for Feras!

In the past months, all throughout the U.S., tens of thousands of people have struggled, resisted and rebelled to stop murder by police. Right now, fighting for Justice for Feras, and for all the Stolen Lives, has got to be part of building up mass determined resistance to murder by police all across the country, including through the summer months.

This intensified struggle needs to be brought together on October 24 in New York City for a Major National Manifestation Against Police Terror - Rise Up October to STOP Police Terror! This national mobilization will amplify the many forms of resistance against police murder and mass incarceration. More important, it will change the whole social landscape, to the point where a growing section of people all over take ever-increasing initiative and make it unmistakably clear that they refuse to live in a society that sanctions this outrage, and where those who do NOT feel this way are put on the defensive. Hundreds of thousands of people need to be in the streets of NYC on October 24 with this basic message: NO! THESE MURDERS BY POLICE MUST STOP – NOW!

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Stop Mass Incarceration Network, So Cal meets every Wednesday night at USC United University Church, 817 W. 34th St., LA, CA 90089 (on USC campus at corner of Jefferson and Hoover)


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