One Week Left: $10,000 Plus Needed to Move, Revitalize & Save Revolution Books Berkeley

June 29, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


From the Staff of Revolution Books:

We’re entering the last week plus of our crowdfunding campaign to move, revitalize and save Revolution Books Berkeley. Our aim is to re-launch our store and expand its mission to be better and more fully able to contribute to the urgent tasks of the movement for revolution, broadly promoting Bob Avakian’s leadership and work  across the intellectually and politically charged San Francisco Bay Area. We’re also planning to have a greater connection with and impact on the intellectual and political life at UC Berkeley, one of the country’s most important universities, as well as the Bay Area’s rich intellectual, cultural and artistic life overall. (See Revolution Books Berkeley Is Moving—Raising Funds and Reaching Out.)

So far we’ve raised $7,915 from 81 different donors in our most concerted fundraising drive ever. And we’ve received a $1,000 match that we’re aiming to make by Monday, June 29 at midnight, which would bring us close to the halfway point—$10,000.   

But that still leaves $10,000 to raise in the next week plus to meet our goal of $20,000. The money is needed to renovate our new space at 2444 Durant in Berkeley with new flooring, new electrical wiring and lighting, patching and painting, and an expanded stock and a new Point of Sale system. The result will be a new and revitalized Revolution Books Berkeley...and a greater contribution to revolution and human emancipation.

So we call on everyone who appreciates Revolution Books Berkeley and wants its big move, renovation, and re-launch to succeed to: 

* DONATE NOW on Indiegogo campaign, make comments on the site, and share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People can donate publicly or anonymously, a lot or a little.

* Write a check payable to Revolution Books, mail to Revolution Books, 2425 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.

* Donate or sustain monthly at

* Donate in person and call us at 510-848-1196 to volunteer, help fund raise, order your books for classes, or learn more about how you can get active with Revolution Books.



Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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