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The police “took our son so now we want justice”

June 29, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


My son was 21 when he got murdered in Baltimore County [in March 2014]. He just got out of the rehab for alcohol and was in his 8th day of extensive outpatient treatment for alcohol and depression when he got shot. His therapist called him Tuesday to see why he didn’t come in Monday or Tuesday. He told her he relapsed over the weekend and wanted to go to sleep and never wake up, he wanted to die. And then the phone went dead. She called 911 to report a suicidal man.

The police came out and ended up surrounding the house because he was seen out back with a rifle (collectors) then he put that in the house and came out with a knife. He walked down the middle of the road about 70 feet away and there were cops following him, too. He stopped and cut his arm and continued walking. They told him to drop it and he didn’t. They got into position at the corner and when he was approx. 8 feet away, they shot him. The first cop to shoot had a 12 gauge double ought buck and he shot him twice, one in each thigh. Then two more cops shot him with their .40 cal. six shots to the chest area and two in the back. He got shot 10x’s but he had over 13 holes because some exited his body. They kept shooting even as he was going down. They said he charged to make it justified but we had people who said he never raised the knife not one time and that the cops were lying. There were over 33 cops there and the house was red flagged because crisis was there for my son before when he reached out for help and some of the cops there knew him from before. They knew he was suicidal, they didn’t have to kill him. Now because of their report we are having a hard time in getting a lawyer.

If there is anything you can do or if there is something you can tell me, I would greatly appreciate it. We have a 150 page police report, autopsy and toxicology. They took our son so now we want justice. They robbed his life and he had the right to live and get help just like they have the right to go home unhurt after their shift.




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