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July 17—One Year Since the Death of Eric Garner

July 13, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


We received this call from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, NYC:

Still NO Justice!

July 17, 2015

1:00 pm Rally at Staten Island Ferry Plaza/Whitehall St., Manhattan, Whitehall on R/South Ferry on 1

2:00 pm Ride ferry to Staten Island

2:30 pm St. George Terminal. Meet up to march to the site of Eric Garner’s murder

3:00 pm Rally on Bay Street along Tompkinsville Park


July 17, 2015—One year since the murder of Eric Garner! One year since we watched the cops choke him to death. One year since we watched them ignore his dying words: “I can’t breathe.” And still no justice!

When this murder happened, people took to the streets. More people went into the streets when Michael Brown was murdered less than a month later. We need to be back out in the streets, letting everybody know that we haven’t forgotten, and that we still refuse to suffer these horrors in silence.

If this outrage and all the other murders of Black and Latino people by the police that followed hurt you to your heart, join us in taking to the streets to say NO MORE!


STOP POLICE TERRORWHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Join in turning this society upside down—three days of powerful resistance, October 22-23-24, 2015, thousands and thousands of people from around the country descending on New York City, joining thousands and thousands of people here, shutting the city down by the sheer weight of our numbers. Start mobilizing now!


The Stop Mass Incarceration Network * 929‐249‐7996 *



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