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July 20, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Editors' Note: This letter was transcribed from a verbal statement by the author.


Hi Revolution/,

I have been putting in $5.00 for the newspaper each month. Well I’m not gonna lie—I was doing it , but not being real regular, but now I’m going to make it regular and jack it up to $10.00/month. I’ve been passing out the Revolution newspaper at different places I go to in Oakland—people like the pictures and I see that they read some of the articles too. One thing that really tripped me out was I saw on a map that 179 countries all over the world go to this website. I was with my friend sittin’ around in a coffee shop and I was looking at the names of all the different countries and putting the dots to show people where it is. Damn—the world is really big place—never realize that it was SO big! Anyway—to make a long story short—I’ve been collecting soda cans to raise the money. This last time, we took the whole bag to a place in East Oakland where they pay a higher price—but they won’t let people with their buggies go inside. What kind of shit is that? Things are set up to make it hard for the poor people to be able to go there. They have to carry big bags of stuff and walk it over there.

For whole bag—we got $12.14. It’s enough to do the $10.00 for July and a few dollars left over to buy the stamps to send in the money. Doing this is a really good thing because we can let people know in other parts of the world what’s really going on. I say “really” going on, because there’s a lot of bullshit that people get from the news or the streets that’s not all the way true. Like—they try to say that when people rose up off the police killing in Baltimore—they tried to get people to think that people were stealing drugs just to get high. We need to get the story straight on that one—they was actually trying to make sure people get the medication they need. And the other thing is that racist guy that killed Black people in North Carolina, this newspaper/website lets people in countries like Brazil, Iraq and other places know that that kind of shit ain’t gone away in this country yet. That kind of shit reminds me of the days of the Ku Klux Klan in the South back in those days of slavery. And then there are good things that people need to know about—that people are standing up to this shit. Then, they also get to know about revolution. You know, if you’re talking about a getting to the bottom of what’s happening…you also need to have some other thing that you point how to get rid of the whole setup.

And another thing is that I’ve been passing out a gang of those cards all over Oakland with different quotes of that book—BAsics by Bob Avakian. Myself. I don’t read real good—so just passing out the cards with the words on it is a good thing—most people take them. I’m also learning how to read from that book—like that one about slavery at the beginning of the book. If someone says a few words and then I repeat them, that’s how I read them. Then, we get to talking about it.

That’s it for now. I’m thinking about getting a partna of mine to do this with me. He already donated $10.00—he makes a living by turning in cans and gets $400/month. Then we can send in the money together. My friend showed me how to buy a money order at the check  cashing place—just like how I used to do to pay the rent every month and put it in an envelope with a stamp to turn in. We also made a few of these envelopes with the stamps already on them. For 'sho—we gotta keep that money rolling in, we 'sho as hell don’t want those people in those countries around the world to wake up one day…and don’t see the website/newspaper anymore.

Have a nice day,

A reader



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